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Season of preparedness starts early; notes from Hurricane Conference

Hundreds of people were thinking about bad weather this week at the National Hurricane Conference in Orlando. This annual event is a forum for education and training in hurricane preparedness.Take a look at the notes on key themes from the conference General Session. Hopefully, you'll be motivated to plan ahead for whatever the weather brings.


Insurance 101

Avoiding Mistakes is Key to Saving Money on Insurance

Don't confuse the real estate value of your home with the insurance amount. The real estate value is what the market suggests a buyer may be willing to pay, while the insured amount is what it would cost to rebuild. For many people, particularly those with older homes, the rebuilding cost is higher than the possible sales price. Click the link for more tips.

Avoid Mistakes, Save Money

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 Test Your Insurance IQ: Auto Insurance

Test Your Insurance IQ: Auto Insurance

How much do you really know about auto insurance? What does "premium" and "deductible" mean? What is "comprehensive" coverage for? Test your knowledge by watching this video. ALL VIDEOS