Towing trouble on Thanksgiving? No thanks!

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National Overeating Day (aka Thanksgiving) is coming up, and a road trip to the annual food fest is part of the plan for many people. Long-distance holiday travel on Thanksgiving Day increases by 54 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. The anticipation of getting to the table may be half the fun. But what happens if your car breaks down along the way? Besides being late for dinner, you could wind up with a hefty towing bill if you didn’t plan ahead.

Think you own the road? So do deer and other critters

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Animals can’t read traffic signs, and some humans don’t bother. Caution signs alerting drivers to animal crossings dot highways across the U.S. But deer refuse to be corralled into using designated crosswalks, so the open highway is wide open to them. Deer cross wherever they want, and sometimes they choose to do so just as a hapless driver speeds along.  November is the peak of deer mating season, prime time for deer-car collisions. Be careful out there, especially if you are planning a trip north because our neighboring states have more deer crashes than Florida. 

Don’t test your insurance on a test drive


Be extra careful whenever you test drive a new or used car. If you’re not working with a reputable car dealer, driving that car could be costly if you have a car crash.

Are you cleverer than a cyber crook?

Cyber risk figure

A plastic foam superhero action figure saved me yesterday. She flew into my mailbox, along with a pamphlet extorting, “Be a Cyber Hero.” And, I am (cue Superman theme song).

I got an email yesterday purportedly from a newspaper reporter. In the subject line, it said “View Document,” and there was a graphic of the document to click upon. The email even had the reporter’s correct email address, signature line and phone number. I did not click it – because it’s Cyber Security Awareness Month – and a foam action figure warned of danger ahead.

No room for rebels on the road


He was an icon back in the 1950s, a legend seen as either a very cool tough guy or a troubled teen, depending on your perspective. Yet, there is agreement that James Dean died too soon – in a car crash that reinforced both images. He was only 24 when he died in a high-speed crash in 1955, and the “Giant” lessons the “Rebel Without a Cause” left bear relearning today – 60 years later.

In Florida, driver fatalities are highest in the 20-24 age group.

Dare to Prepare: September is National Preparedness Month

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Are you prepared to deal with a flood? How about a power outage? What’s your plan if there’s a hurricane coming? (Planning a hurricane party is not the correct answer.) If you have never planned for disaster, this is your time. September is National Preparedness Month, and the theme is designed to motivate. “Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.”