Get schooled on dog bite liability

Funny Dog-08A

Your pets may have pet insurance to keep them healthy. But when it comes to liability for their misdeeds, the financial impact will bite into your wallet.

This is Dog Bite Prevention Week, and the American Veterinary Medical Association reminds us that even nice dogs can bite. Dog bites (and other dog-related injuries) accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claim dollars paid out in 2015, costing in excess of $570 million, according to data from the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) and State Farm®, the largest writer of homeowners insurance in the United States.

Can Friday the 13th be a lucky day?


Somewhere in Florida today, someone is going to have a fender bender. This, like all calamities, is an unfortunate occurrence. But if there are no injuries, that’s lucky! And, if those involved in the crash had proper auto insurance protection, it is both lucky and smart.

Make your own luck by understanding your auto insurance coverage. If things go bump, your first reaction will be to curse the stars (or the other driver). Your second reaction would be to thank yourself for getting the coverage to turn your luck around.

Is Friday the 13th really an unlucky day? Facts about the 13th say it’s mostly superstition. Then again, safe drivers (PUT THE CELL PHONE DOWN!) know luck favors the wise.

Make today an action day: America’s PrepareAthon!

April 30 preparationA

Twice a year, FEMA promotes a grass-roots campaign to get communities to up their preparedness against natural disasters. Today, April 30 is the springtime event for America’s PrepareAthon! The title of the event includes the exclamation point (!), so that’s how important it is! And !!

No joke. Preparing for emergencies takes a community, and it starts with you. First step is to Know Your Hazards. There are six of them listed. One is winter storms, and as a Floridian, you can strike that off the list. But that leaves a handful — hurricanes top the list, of course.

Why spend a lovely, calm spring Saturday preparing for a dreaded summer hurricane? That is a rhetorical question. Here are 10 Ways to Participate. Among the tips is to document your personal property and to know what your home insurance covers. You can do those two important steps right now. Today. It’s America’s PrepareAthon! Award yourself an exclamation point.

What the…..? Hail in Florida!


The Sunshine State and golf ball-size hail go together like hot sauce on ice cream (a taste treat some might think is not a bad idea….). Parts of South Florida got hit with the unfamiliar icy pounding last week, when hail damage was reported in six states.  Hail hit Orlando hard last month, bringing almost a foot of slushy melting crystals and turning the earth into a winter wonderland, of sorts, over the Easter weekend. The last time such a large hailstorm hit the area was in 1992.

Damage from hail causes about $1 billion dollars a year in losses to crops and property.

Cheaper gas fuels more driving, more car crashes, higher auto insurance cost


Drivers everywhere continue to enjoy the benefits of low gas prices, and what are they doing to celebrate? They are driving more. It’s less costly to take a road trip now, rather than fly to another destination, so more drivers are taking to the streets. More cars on the road increase the number of traffic crashes which, in turn, translates into higher auto insurance rates.

Uber and out for ride-share bill

ride shareA

Since the birth of technology-based transportation networking companies, such as Uber and Lyft, 29 states have passed legislation to address the insurance coverage gap that exists. Florida is not one of them. For the third straight year, the Legislature put the ride-sharing bill into park.

Commercial ride-sharing is gaining in popularity. Many states have adopted model legislation to address the gap in auto insurance coverage that exists. The gap occurs when a ride-share driver is “on the clock” to pick up a fare and when a passenger gets into the car. If a car crash happens along the way, that driver would be on his own dime. And, most of those drivers are unaware of this.