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4 comments on “Assignment of Benefits: A sign of a scam?

  1. John Minor says:

    This article confuses honest repair persons with licenses and ethics with those that do not. It is not a fair comparison. Lets take the flip side and assume an elderly couple or an unreasonable adjuster that wants to leave the awful moldy cabinets because he is afraid to pay right so not to loose his job. I respect your comments and understand this happens but is not the norm.

    1. Lynne McChristian says:

      Yes, we agree that honest repair pros are the norm, and most would not suggest an assignment of benefits because they know they will be paid by the insurance company. Your perspective is appreciated, and your point is well made. Thank you!

  2. Janice Shields says:

    My problem is with believing anything the insurance companies say. The only claim I have had in more than 25 years was during the 2004 hurricanes yet my insurance premiums have quadrupled or more and continue to go up every year. They are no help. Insurance is the biggest scam perpetrated on the American people.

    1. Lynne McChristian says:

      Thank you for your comment. While it is understandable that no one LIKES to pay for insurance, it is not the insurance company that requires coverage. The mortgage company requires it to protect their investment in the home loan. Absent insurance lenders would not lend. And, people who don’t have a home loan use insurance to protect their own investment since all the money is theirs.