Severe Weather Awareness Week about preparing for the worst at the best time of year

February in Florida means cool temps at night, crispness in the air during the day and the height of strawberry season. Perhaps, the last thing on your mind is bad weather – which makes it the perfect time of year to prepare for it.

Severe Weather Awareness Week is Feb. 11-15. The Florida Division of Emergency Management and the American Red Cross sponsor this event to familiarize Floridians with the weather hazards that impact the state and to help families and businesses prepare to deal with them. It’s not all about hurricanes, you know. There’s a statewide tornado drill on Wednesday, Feb. 13 in which all schools are invited to participate. We can all be schooled with a similar drill.

If a tornado is headed your way, where would you go? Have an answer to this question before you need it. Business owners should have a plan about how to get their employees and customers to safety when a tornado threatens. Florida has the third highest annual tornado count in the U.S., behind Texas and Kansas. That’s because we have more thunderstorms here than other states. Preparation also means knowing what your insurance policy covers so you are financially ready for weather-related hazards.

Check out the Severe Weather Awareness Guide with includes activities to engage children in preparedness. Tornado preparedness starts with a good early warning system, so get a weather radio. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while  it’s not on anyone’s gift list, a weather radio is clearly a practical way to say “I love you” – and it lasts longer than red roses.

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Our blogger, Lynne McChristian, is the Florida representative for the Insurance Information Institute and is based in Tampa.
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