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Auto Insurance Fraud

Timeline for Florida no-fault insurance reforms

On March 9, the Florida Legislature passed HB 119, which will make changes in the state’s no-fault law. You probably heard a lot about the bill while it was in play and may be interested in knowing where things stand now. Let’s start at the beginning: The bill has not been sent to Gov. Rick Scott yet, and while he’s expected to sign it quickly, you will not see any immediate change because the bill doesn’t take effect until July 1, 2012 and changes associated with ways to get medical treatment for auto accident injuries do not happen until January 1, 2013.

Putting the brakes an auto insurance fraud

Florida made the national news last week over its growing problem of auto insurance fraud. CBS Evening News had a segment on scammers cashing in on car “accidents”, and it included an interview with a former scammer explaining how it all works. Much of it has to do with organized criminals who stage accidents with one driver as the hitter and the other as the “hit-ee”, and then a bunch of cohorts jump into the car after the crash to file insurance claims for injuries that are hard to prove, such as soft tissue injuries like a pain in the neck.

How a scratched fender is payday for fraudsters

There was an Auto Insurance Fraud Summit in Miami this week at which a woman told her story of a minor parking lot accident, a scratched fender and a resulting lawsuit. Her voice was shaky as she recalled the first accident she ever had after priding herself on decades of safe, accident-free driving. She was just as nervous telling the tale as when it all occurred. Her story: Before backing out of the shopping center parking space, she checked and double-checked for oncoming traffic. Slowly, slowly she edged out. And then, ding!