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Eight of top 10 most dangerous metros for pedestrians are in Florida


Walking is definitely good for your health. But it may be dangerous to your life in busy cities, particularly in Florida. A study by Smart Growth America ranked eight Florida metros in the top 10 after analyzing pedestrian deaths over a 10-year period.

The group created a Pedestrian Danger Index to compare pedestrian safety in cities of different size, density, and rates of walking. So, it’s not only a factor of big cities with more cars and more walking. The study contends it is also due to “poor pedestrian infrastructure,” meaning roads are designed to move cars along with little thought to people traveling on foot.

Don’t want your car stolen? Take the keys!


Car thieves love Honda Accords. They are also rather fond of the Honda Civic. Both models are ranked as the top two most-stolen cars in America. The fact they are also among the most popular cars has a lot to do with it, of course. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) keeps track of this data, and there’s quite a lot to keep up with since a car is stolen about every 46 seconds.

Seeing red where others don’t? STOP running red lights!


The traffic signal turned yellow, I slowed to a stop. The light then turned red, and a few seconds later, two cars (not just one) in the lane to the left of me sped through. This is not only wrong, it is stupid. Yet, it happens all the time.

City planners wisely have had to bend to this risky behavior by delaying the green/go signals a few seconds to accommodate red-light runners. In many cities, drivers know that being too quick to move on a GREEN light is almost as dangerous as speeding through a red one.

No one should ever be in such a hurry.  There are many factors the determine your auto insurance rates. Safe drivers pay less. They are the ones who obey traffic signals.

These are called “accidents,” but they don’t have to happen. Drivers know the rules and ignore them. The result? Florida has been experiencing a higher number of crashes and fatalities. 

Make it stop.


Can Friday the 13th be a lucky day?


Somewhere in Florida today, someone is going to have a fender bender. This, like all calamities, is an unfortunate occurrence. But if there are no injuries, that’s lucky! And, if those involved in the crash had proper auto insurance protection, it is both lucky and smart.

Make your own luck by understanding your auto insurance coverage. If things go bump, your first reaction will be to curse the stars (or the other driver). Your second reaction would be to thank yourself for getting the coverage to turn your luck around.

Is Friday the 13th really an unlucky day? Facts about the 13th say it’s mostly superstition. Then again, safe drivers (PUT THE CELL PHONE DOWN!) know luck favors the wise.

Cheaper gas fuels more driving, more car crashes, higher auto insurance cost


Drivers everywhere continue to enjoy the benefits of low gas prices, and what are they doing to celebrate? They are driving more. It’s less costly to take a road trip now, rather than fly to another destination, so more drivers are taking to the streets. More cars on the road increase the number of traffic crashes which, in turn, translates into higher auto insurance rates.

Uber and out for ride-share bill

ride shareA

Since the birth of technology-based transportation networking companies, such as Uber and Lyft, 29 states have passed legislation to address the insurance coverage gap that exists. Florida is not one of them. For the third straight year, the Legislature put the ride-sharing bill into park.

Commercial ride-sharing is gaining in popularity. Many states have adopted model legislation to address the gap in auto insurance coverage that exists. The gap occurs when a ride-share driver is “on the clock” to pick up a fare and when a passenger gets into the car. If a car crash happens along the way, that driver would be on his own dime. And, most of those drivers are unaware of this.