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Season of preparedness starts early; notes from the Hurricane Conference

Hundreds of people were thinking about bad weather this week at the National Hurricane Conference in Orlando. This annual event is a forum for education and training in hurricane preparedness.

Of typhoons & hurricanes: Would your home hold up?

A hurricane by another name is typhoon. And, a massive one hit the Philippines on Nov. 8. Buildings in much of that area are not constructed to withstand high winds. While some Florida homes can take a hit from a strong hurricane, many cannot. It depends on the strength of the storm, where the home is located, how it was constructed and if the homeowner invested in a stronger structure or opted instead for a prettier interior.

Does Florida sunshine blind us to storm risk?

Today is another one of those drop-dead-gorgeous Florida days. The sun is out, the air is fresh (low humidity!), and there is the clearest of blue skies. It’s way too hot for January, in my opinion, but that’s not a complaint at all. That makes today a perfect day to think about the imperfect ones.

Florida building codes get top marks, yet lots of homes built before codes got smart

When it comes to building codes, Florida gets an A. Our fair – and increasingly hardy-built – state was one of three states earning more than 90 points on a 100-point rating scale to grade the regulations and processes for residential building construction. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety analyzed state-by-state building codes and enforcement of those codes across all states, and Florida ranks way up there, thanks to building code officials who make the rules stick and contractors who build homes ever stronger.