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Small businesses can defy disaster with business continuity plan

If a conglomerate can be “too big to fail,” can a small business be too small to succeed? That question comes after reflecting on the meager turnout for a series of workshops for small businesses conducted in various Florida cities last month.

Bulletproof your business with a disaster recovery plan

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” I don’t know if Dwight D. Eisenhower said that when he was an acting general or as president. Doesn’t matter. In either role, he knew advance planning beat out advance worrying. Planning is productive; worrying is not. So, what’s your plan?

Don’t cut corners on business interruption insurance

In a struggling economy, cutting corners is an art form. But getting too creative with your business insurance may be unwise.

Complexities surrounding the purchase of a businessowners policy demand a greater degree of partnership between the insurance agent and the customer. It’s also important to understand business interruption insurance. Simply, business interruption coverage is survival insurance.

Keeping your business open after a disaster requires planning now

Many small businesses fail to reopen after a natural disaster, and even something that knocks a business out of commission for a short time can have a devastating effect. According to National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) poll, at least 30 percent of small businesses have been closed 24 hours or longer in the last three years due to a natural disaster. While most impacts from natural disasters are modest, two to three percent of small businesses have experienced an extreme impact over the past three years, says the NFIB. An extreme impact shuts down a business for at least a week or brings damage of $100,000 or more. Would your business survive a week-long closing?