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Car Crashes

“Framed” in a minor fender bender

Dot bumper

A picture says a lot, so look at the photo above of my Camry’s bumper after a fender bender last week. Connect the dots. It’s a perfect outline of a spiked license plate frame available at most big-box retailers for about $10. Absent that frame from the front of the SUV that rear-ended me, there would have been zero damage to my car.

No “last call for alcohol;” Call for a cab

Taxis for hire

When the bartender asks, “What will you have?”, order a cab.

A universal truth is something that everyone acknowledges as valid. So, should it be a universal truth that it is dumb to drive drunk? Drunk drivers do dumb things, and it’s killing them. Sometimes, they injure or kill others, too.

There was yet another wrong-way crash on the interstates around Tampa Bay this week. That means 11 people have died this year in crashes associated with drivers going in the wrong direction. Most of these incidents involved the use of drugs and alcohol, say law enforcement officials. And, many of the impaired drivers were under the age of 30.

Road trip over Labor Day? Drive smart, know what to do if things go bump

If you plan a road trip over Labor Day weekend, you will quickly discover millions of other drivers had the same idea. Labor Day, the “last hurrah” holiday before summer ends and the school year enters full swing, is when people take a vacation break close to home, and they typically drive to get there.

Self-driving cars driven to making crash-free roads

If you’ve already bought into the idea that a robot can vacuum your floors better than you can, then it may not be a stretch to think a robot might drive better, too. Self-driving cars may be just around the corner.

Toyota and Audi announced they are entering the race with Google for self-driving cars. Both auto brands are testing self-driving cars, and they are showing off their test results at the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas.