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Cold Weather

A (single) winter day in Florida


It doesn’t dip below freezing very often in Florida (which is just the way we like it!). When it does, a refresher is in order on what precautions to take so cold temperatures don’t put a freeze on your budget due to costly repairs that could have been avoided. Check out our cold weather survival tips.

Most homeowners insurance policies cover damage from freezing conditions. It’s always best to prevent the damage in the first place, of course. Parts of the Florida Panhandle dipped below freezing over the weekend, and that could occur again in the coming weeks. Cold-weather warnings prompted me to buy all my outdoor faucets a hoodie (see photo above). For about $3 a faucet, it’s a good investment in preparedness, especially since you have to disconnect the hose to slip it on. Freezing temps can cause water locked inside garden hoses to expand and burst – and the cost of those hoses is not covered by insurance.

Frost on the ground in the morning, and in the mid-50s by mid afternoon. Gotta love it!


Cold weather haters: Unite against freezing pipes!

We don’t do “cold” very well in Florida. It’s an unfamiliar occurrence, for which we are grateful. However, cold temps are predicted for many parts of the state in the coming days, and you’ll want to heat up your knowledge on surviving the chill.

Extreme weather and short-term memory

We had a bout of cold weather in Florida, and we’re over it—already. Temperatures are back up into the high 70s. This is exactly the kind of “winter” that we love. However, weather extremes come and go, and because we don’t miss them much when they’re gone, we fail to prepare for them and fail to understand them.

Cold weather hits Florida; protect your property

A cold snap is on the way for Florida. Many of us may have forgotten what that feels like. Last winter, it never got cold enough in my part of the state to freeze back the tropical plants, those that typically wither at a brush with coolness. They might succumb this week. Temperatures are expected to dip into the 30s in many parts of the state.