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Matthew Recovery: 40,000 insurance claims so far


As of this morning, there have been nearly 40,000 insurance claims filed due to damage from Hurricane Matthew. Those numbers will surely rise in the coming days as people continue to find damage to their property related to the storm that hit Florida a mere four days ago.

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation released Matthew claims data on October 12.  About 90% of the claims were for residential property damage. So far, there have been 1,800 flood claims reported by people with flood policies through the National Flood Insurance Program, and 28 claims for private flood insurance, which is coverage outside the government program.

Matthew hits home


Hurricane Matthew is slowly advancing up the coast, bringing with it winds in excess of 100 mph and the potential for incredibly powerful storm surge. As Floridians, we hang tough, but know when to get out of harm’s way and let emergency responders do their jobs.

To help you prepare and fall back, and then regroup/recover when it’s safe to return to your homes and places of business, we offer the following key preparedness and recovery links.

Keep this list handy. And please stay safe, everyone.

And here are some useful articles and how-to videos from the I.I.I.

Article: Preparing an Effective Evacuation Plan

Article: Including Your Pets in Evacuation and Disaster Planning

Video: Evacuation: How to Get Organized

Video: Evacuation: The 10 Minute Challenge

Video: Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness
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Businesses affected by recent flooding may get loans, not handout


Residents of the Tampa Bay area, particularly in parts of Pasco County, experienced the unfortunate impact of flooding last week. Days of rain and a saturated earth around the Anclote River created circumstances that a local newspaper described as a “rinse-and repeat routine.” Parts of neighborhoods have been slogging through water for more than two weeks.

Businesses have suffered too. And, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity is asking businesses how the flood affected them by inviting business owners in five affected counties to take an online survey to help the department decide which get immediate aid.

Of typhoons & hurricanes: Would your home hold up?

A hurricane by another name is typhoon. And, a massive one hit the Philippines on Nov. 8. Buildings in much of that area are not constructed to withstand high winds. While some Florida homes can take a hit from a strong hurricane, many cannot. It depends on the strength of the storm, where the home is located, how it was constructed and if the homeowner invested in a stronger structure or opted instead for a prettier interior.

Bulletproof your business with a disaster recovery plan

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” I don’t know if Dwight D. Eisenhower said that when he was an acting general or as president. Doesn’t matter. In either role, he knew advance planning beat out advance worrying. Planning is productive; worrying is not. So, what’s your plan?

Understanding post disaster government grants and loans

Here’s a question from a poll conducted in 2011 by the Insurance Information Institute: Will the government pay for damage to your home that is not covered in your homeowners policy? Percentage of people who said no: 61%. That’s six percentage points more than the 55 percent who said no in 2010, which means people increasingly understand that the role of the federal government is primarily disaster preparedness and response.