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No “last call for alcohol;” Call for a cab

Taxis for hire

When the bartender asks, “What will you have?”, order a cab.

A universal truth is something that everyone acknowledges as valid. So, should it be a universal truth that it is dumb to drive drunk? Drunk drivers do dumb things, and it’s killing them. Sometimes, they injure or kill others, too.

There was yet another wrong-way crash on the interstates around Tampa Bay this week. That means 11 people have died this year in crashes associated with drivers going in the wrong direction. Most of these incidents involved the use of drugs and alcohol, say law enforcement officials. And, many of the impaired drivers were under the age of 30.

What ride sharing drivers and passengers need to know about insurance

Most personal auto insurance policies do not provide liability coverage if the vehicle is used as a “public or livery conveyance”.

Another innovation born of mobile technology is the move to a sharing economy. People like to connect, and many like to make extra money by sharing stuff they already own. That’s what ride sharing is all about.  It links people who need a ride with car owners who want to use their cars to bring in a little extra cash by chauffeuring strangers around town. It’s a business model that seems to fit in Florida where public transportation is often spotty and hailing a cab is simply not possible on every street corner, as it is in a metro like New York City.

NO FLASHERS: Florida rules of road for driving in rain

Auto hazard lights in rain.

It is illegal to drive with flashers blinking in Florida.

Somewhere in Florida, nearly every sunshiny summer day is interrupted by a thunderstorm – or a brief, blinding, monsoon-like downpour. I got caught in one on I-4 last week. Several drivers on the interstate had their emergency flashers on.