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Old roofs and new rules: Protecting your home from the top


A so-called 30-year shingle roof does not last 30 years in Florida. Asphalt shingles simply don’t last that long in the brutal Florida sun and with the nearly daily beating from rain over the six months of hurricane season. Some insurers are asking their policyholders to have an older roof inspected; they want a licensed roofer to certify the roof and give it the okay for at least another 3 years of useful life. Other insurance companies may choose to not renew a home insurance policy if a roof is approaching its 20th birthday.

Business owners: Review insurance coverage before hurricane season

At the Governor’s Hurricane Conference this week, we delivered a presentation on what small-business owners need to know about insurance. It was titled “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda” because, unfortunately, that’s a lament heard after disaster. If you own a business, do everything you can now to put your business in a position to survive.

There are dozens of business insurance coverage options, and a small business probably doesn’t need them all.

Cold weather haters: Unite against freezing pipes!

We don’t do “cold” very well in Florida. It’s an unfamiliar occurrence, for which we are grateful. However, cold temps are predicted for many parts of the state in the coming days, and you’ll want to heat up your knowledge on surviving the chill.

9 years without a hurricane, yet Florida still #1 for catastrophe losses

Hurricane Bill 2009

Hurricane Bill, a Category 4 storm, completely missed Florida in August 2009. Satellite image courtesy NASA Earth Observatory.

In many ranking situations, being #1 is a good thing. Except this: After nine years without a hurricane hitting Florida, our state still ranks tops for catastrophe losses. Time has not changed that. It has, however, shrunk the margin between first and second place. Granted, this is not much consolation.

Building a Plan B Mindset for Business Continuity

Does everything in your life work out exactly as you planned? Mine neither. Seems that life is nothing but Plan B—or something nearer the end of the alphabet. There are professionals who make a living planning for events other than the Perfect Day. I got to deliver a presentation on the Florida insurance market and business preparedness to a group of them recently, the Tampa chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners (ACP).

Make mitigation happen while sun shines

Too many people only get things done in a last-minute panic. Don’t be that guy—or gal. “Make hay while the sun shines” is an old saying that makes perpetual sense. The sun is shining, there are no imminent threats of severe weather, and that makes this the perfect time to prepare for when skies are gray and winds whip up. To prove the point of “making hay” in the sunshine, the Florida Division of Emergency Management designated this as Severe Weather Awareness Week.