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Cold weather hits Florida; protect your property

A cold snap is on the way for Florida. Many of us may have forgotten what that feels like. Last winter, it never got cold enough in my part of the state to freeze back the tropical plants, those that typically wither at a brush with coolness. They might succumb this week. Temperatures are expected to dip into the 30s in many parts of the state.

Small businesses can defy disaster with business continuity plan

If a conglomerate can be “too big to fail,” can a small business be too small to succeed? That question comes after reflecting on the meager turnout for a series of workshops for small businesses conducted in various Florida cities last month.

Bulletproof your business with a disaster recovery plan

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” I don’t know if Dwight D. Eisenhower said that when he was an acting general or as president. Doesn’t matter. In either role, he knew advance planning beat out advance worrying. Planning is productive; worrying is not. So, what’s your plan?

Does Florida sunshine blind us to storm risk?

Today is another one of those drop-dead-gorgeous Florida days. The sun is out, the air is fresh (low humidity!), and there is the clearest of blue skies. It’s way too hot for January, in my opinion, but that’s not a complaint at all. That makes today a perfect day to think about the imperfect ones.

Hurricane Andrew: Its legacy felt by insurers and coastal states

When Hurricane Andrew struck Florida and Louisiana in 1992, it was the costliest natural disaster in history in terms of insurance payouts, with claims costs of $15.5 billion at the time ($25 billion in 2011 dollars). Today, Andrew is the second costliest U.S. natural disaster, after Hurricane Katrina, which hit in 2005.

Lightning Safety Awareness Week: When thunder roars, go indoors

Florida happens to be known as the Lightning Capital of the U.S, and Tampa Bay is the epicenter.

Living in Florida means frequent opportunities to see the amazing light show accompanying tropical weather. A word to the weather wise: Do your viewing from the safety of a sturdy, fully protected structure. Florida happens to be known as the Lightning Capital of the U.S, and Tampa Bay is the epicenter.