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When hurricane season comes early, is preparedness still late?

Hurricane Season 2012 got an early start with two named storms before the official season kickoff date of June 1. Isn’t it just like the weather to ignore a schedule? The last time the U.S. experienced two preseason storms was during the 1908 hurricane season. So, what does it all mean? Nothing. But it is not okay to be nonchalant about preparedness.

Weather radio a necessity for late-night tornado alerts

One week into March and already it’s nearly the deadliest for U.S. tornadoes. Survivors of the recent tornado outbreak in the south-central states credit tornado warning sirens with awakening them in the middle of the night, giving them time to dash to the basement. Few Florida communities have public tornado warning devices and basements are rare here, so you need two things: a tornado safety plan and a weather radio.