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Insuring Florida

20 minutes to Smartsville,
Insurance Town USA


A few minutes go a long way toward protecting what matters most.

Let’s say you bought something that cost an average $1,900 each year and never took the time to figure out how it works. If you knew that in just 20 minutes you’d have it figured out, would you invest the time?

Investing time – and gaining confidence – in your insurance protection is exactly the point of the Insurance Information Institute’s new consumer email program. CHECK20 is an important new step in our mission to explain what insurance is and how it works. It’s easy, it’s free and its intent is to empower policyholders to be fully engaged in the insurance decisions affecting their family and finances.

Season of preparedness starts early; notes from the Hurricane Conference

Hundreds of people were thinking about bad weather this week at the National Hurricane Conference in Orlando. This annual event is a forum for education and training in hurricane preparedness.

Cancel, nonrenewal have different meanings for insurance

Perhaps you (or someone you know) are among those Floridians who have had the experience of getting a letter from a property insurance company saying it would not be renewing your coverage. And, perhaps, your reaction was to shout something along the lines of, “I’ve been cancelled!” But that’s not what happened. You were not cancelled; your policy was not renewed, and there’s a big difference.

“Weak hurricanes” aren’t weaklings: Be prepared for winds & rain

Every hurricane season is different, yet history shows some noteworthy trends. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel did an analysis of storms over the past 100 years and determined that Florida was hit most frequently (21 times) by Category 1 systems. But don’t ever dismiss a “weak hurricane” as a weakling.

Private insurers have 3 times Citizens’ market share

Citizens Property Insurance has been dominating the news lately, albeit not in a particularly positive way, and it is true that Citizens dominates the homeowners insurance market as a single company with the most policyholders in Florida. But less than a quarter of homeowners have insurance from this state-run entity, and the three-quarters with private insurance should know how the majority rules.

Does Florida sunshine blind us to storm risk?

Today is another one of those drop-dead-gorgeous Florida days. The sun is out, the air is fresh (low humidity!), and there is the clearest of blue skies. It’s way too hot for January, in my opinion, but that’s not a complaint at all. That makes today a perfect day to think about the imperfect ones.