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Insuring Florida

Insurance claims from Sandy don’t affect Florida rates

Hurricane Sandy did not have a Florida impact this week, and she won’t impact Florida next year either. While we watched the havoc experienced in the Northeast, Floridians seem to be worried that the cost of rebuilding portions of New York, New Jersey and other states will somehow be paid by us.

Long-term care insurance for the golden (and platinum) years

I’m in Arkansas this week and, naturally, long-term care insurance is on my mind. That’s because I’m spending time with my parents, both in their late 80s. As I’m enjoying their company and spring weather without a hint of humidity, I’m reminded of the longevity we are blessed with in my family. It’s a joy to see my mom tend her garden as her 89th birthday approaches. Dad does not get around as well, yet he keeps his blood pumping by spending hours at his computer watching his stocks rise and fall (mostly fall).

Disaster prepardeness not a spectator sport

The start of hurricane season is less than a month away. Yet in Florida, planning for violent weather never takes time off. Proof was evident at a summit this week hosted by the state’s Division of Emergency Management (DEM).

Florida 2011 hurricane season uneventful, yet dismissing storm threat is for dreamers

Believing that Florida will never have another hurricane is a lot like believing in Santa Claus. You really want it to be true. And, now that Hurricane Season 2011 is officially over, it’s so delightful to dream that you can forever scratch off your holiday wish list gifts like a whole-house generator or impact-resistant windows. (What?!! I’m the only one asking Santa for those?)

How a scratched fender is payday for fraudsters

There was an Auto Insurance Fraud Summit in Miami this week at which a woman told her story of a minor parking lot accident, a scratched fender and a resulting lawsuit. Her voice was shaky as she recalled the first accident she ever had after priding herself on decades of safe, accident-free driving. She was just as nervous telling the tale as when it all occurred. Her story: Before backing out of the shopping center parking space, she checked and double-checked for oncoming traffic. Slowly, slowly she edged out. And then, ding!

Subrogation: A tool to manage insurance costs

Ever had a car crash that wasn’t your fault? You can file a claim with your own insurance company, rather than have the at-fault driver’s insurer handle it.  Some people hesitate to do this because they have to first pay the deductible amount. But subrogation gets your deductible back because your insurer will subrogate the claim, meaning the person who caused the accident is held accountable to pay to repair your car plus pay your deductible.