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No-fault Auto Insurance

No-fault auto insurance reforms start to phase in

Florida’s no-fault auto insurance law was reformed, and it brings changes in the way those injured in a car crash will seek medical treatment. But nothing changes for you until your auto insurance policy renews.

While the changes become effective on January 1, 2013, they won’t start on that day for you unless you get a brand new insurance policy at the first of the year. The conditions outlined in your current auto insurance policy stay in force until your policy renews.

“Cart before horse” on PIP reform savings calculations

How do you calculate actual results from something that hasn’t actually happened? Well, you can’t. But that didn’t stop Florida legislators from demanding that it be done. Auto insurance companies had to submit rate filings data to regulators to demonstrate cost savings from auto insurance reforms that don’t start for three more months. Hey, this is Florida – and calendars trump calculators.

PIP reform rate filings due, yet reforms so far miniscule

An important reminder about the reforms to Florida’s no-fault auto insurance law: The most significant changes do not go into effect until January 2013. So if you’re looking for big rate relief now, it can’t happen because very little has changed in the three months since the law first became effective.