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Saving money on home insurance

Before high winds blow, know your hurricane deductible amount

This should NOT be a surprise: Your home insurance policy has a separate deductible for hurricane damage. It should be common knowledge because it’s been in Florida statutes on insurance contracts at least since 1997. Yet, when the next hurricane hits, there will be some people shocked to find this out when it has been in plain sight for more than 20 years.

Truthfully, it’s in plain sight if you were actually to READ your insurance policy. You’ll find it in two places. On the front of your policy pages, there is this blaring headline in all capital letters:


Managed Repair Programs: How controlling claims costs benefits policyholders


You’ve heard of preferred providers for health insurance policies. They are considered mutually beneficial because insured people get medical services at a reduced rate and the provider gains business since more patients are directed there. Auto insurers have used that model for decades. They have networks of pre-approved auto body shops to repair cars involved in crashes. Because most people don’t know the best place to unbend a fender bender, this is a proven formula for piecing a car back together. Similar programs also exist when a home or business suffers damage. Many insurers have managed repair programs for filing property claims to get damage repaired promptly and correctly – and to help control claims costs.

The most important thing to understand about controlling claims costs is the consumer benefit.

Insurance: Don’t fogetaboutit

I think about insurance all the time; you probably don’t (unless you too work in the biz). Truth be told, there are probably 10,0000 other things you’d rather think about. But another truth is that thinking about insurance at least a few times a year is really worthwhile. And, there’s an easy, free way to keep coverage top of mind.

20 minutes to Smartsville,
Insurance Town USA


A few minutes go a long way toward protecting what matters most.

Let’s say you bought something that cost an average $1,900 each year and never took the time to figure out how it works. If you knew that in just 20 minutes you’d have it figured out, would you invest the time?

Investing time – and gaining confidence – in your insurance protection is exactly the point of the Insurance Information Institute’s new consumer email program. CHECK20 is an important new step in our mission to explain what insurance is and how it works. It’s easy, it’s free and its intent is to empower policyholders to be fully engaged in the insurance decisions affecting their family and finances.

My mitigation education: lessons from a home inspection

Have you had a wind mitigation inspection? This is when a credentialed inspector comes to your home and looks at how it is constructed to assess its ability to stand up to hurricane-force winds. I had my home inspected just a few weeks ago. I was actually looking forward to the inspection, since my insurer paid for it and knowing if the roof over my head would actually stay there is the sort of information I’d like to have.

Watch what you heat: Prevent cooking fires

Your kitchen is the most dangerous room in the house. And, it’s about to be the center of activity with the holidays ahead. Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires, so you need to watch what you heat.

Most house fires are avoidable. A big problem is something I’ll call “distracted cooking,” which is really unattended cooking. I’ve been guilty of this. Once, I was baking Christmas cookies and suddenly remembered I needed something at Walmart. So, I dashed out the door.