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Teen Drivers

No room for rebels on the road


He was an icon back in the 1950s, a legend seen as either a very cool tough guy or a troubled teen, depending on your perspective. Yet, there is agreement that James Dean died too soon – in a car crash that reinforced both images. He was only 24 when he died in a high-speed crash in 1955, and the “Giant” lessons the “Rebel Without a Cause” left bear relearning today – 60 years later.

In Florida, driver fatalities are highest in the 20-24 age group.

Teen Driver Safety Week: Don’t touch that phone

8 percent of the total daily car crashes in Florida involve teen drivers.

Every day, on average, there are more than 700 traffic crashes on Florida roadways, according to the crash facts report by the Dept. of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles. About 8 percent of those crashes involve teen drivers.

Drivers between the ages of 15-19 naturally have less experience. But teen drivers also tend to think they are experts at multitasking, which is an incredibly dumb thing to believe while driving.

College students need crash course on insurance

All across Florida, college students are settling in for another school year – and they bring lots of stuff with them. Hopefully, they have already learned the important lesson of having all that stuff properly insured.There’s nothing quite like lugging box after box of belongings into a new dorm or apartment to remind you about how much you own. But what if something happened to all that stuff? With proper insurance, it could be replaced.

Helping teen drivers be safe drivers

I remember, fondly, my 16-year-old self on the one driving lesson I had with my mother. She let me drive her to the deli to pick up fixings for dad’s lunch. I made a left turn on a green light, directly in front of a car coming through the intersection.  Yeah, that other car had the right of way, as I learned from that near miss, yet I thought I owned the road.