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Tree Damage

Annual checkup time for trees

Tree removalA

Florida summers means thunderstorms nearly every day. Most trees benefit from the daily drenching, except for the dead ones. They get deader, if that’s really a thing. Dead trees and diseased or damaged tree limbs can cause havoc on your property as summer rains root out (literally AND figuratively) the weak from the strong. Inspect your property and get rid of damage waiting to happen.

Look up. If your home is surrounded by tall pine trees, you might see one that looks more like a telephone pole. That is an obvious sign that it has passed its useful life. A tree without branches is not a tree anymore.

Your roof smashed by neighbor’s tree: Who pays for damage?

Anything that’s outside all year round takes a beating from wind, rain and a glorious, yet brutal, Florida sun. That includes your home, its roof and exterior components, and the car parked in the driveway. Your landscaping is not immune.