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3 comments on “Managed Repair Programs: How controlling claims costs benefits policyholders

  1. Mark Boardman says:

    Ms McChristian

    Would you agree that using a managed repair program does not grantee the correct scope of work the quality of materials nor the workmanship.

    If the insured thinks the front door needs to be replace because of a covered loss, but the carrier contractor thinks it only needs painting then what?

    If the insured had hard wood cabinets and contractor puts in plywood. Humm

    And for workmanship! Really. Oh it might look good outside the walls but what went on behind the walls.

    As for Managed repair. Who is Managing? That is the question.

    Mark Boardman
    Public Adjuster
    30 Years

    1. Lynne McChristian says:

      Thank you for your comment, Mr. Boardman. I understand where you are coming from, yet managed repair programs do have primarily positive customer satisfaction outcomes. And, they do guarantee the workmanship and quality. Additionally, for most insurers, the homeowners have the option of using them. Appreciate your feedback.

  2. Brooke Gold says:

    Excellent article about managed repair programs! Another benefit of managed repair is that it protects against home insurance fraud, which is a common problem in Florida. Unfortunately, unscrupulous contractors will take advantage of distressed homeowners by increasing their bills and using their insurance claims to gain huge profits. While this type of fraud can be personally damaging to the affected homeowner, it also jacks up insurance premiums for all Floridians. That’s why it’s so important to contact your insurance company first before moving forward with any repairs.

    There are a few home insurance companies in Florida that coordinate the entire repair process from start to finish. Managed repair programs can make a huge difference for homeowners as they seek to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

    Brooke Gold
    Director of Corporate Relations
    People’s Trust Insurance