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3 comments on “You pay for Citizens Property insurance whether they cover you or not

  1. Gloria Goelz says:

    Why does Citizens keep charging money on my auto and home insurance policies. I am not insured with Citizens, but for several years I keep paying for their problems. I am not alone, everyone I know is paying the same. When is enough….enough. Everything is going up and I am a widow, with no hope of having a pay raise, only decrease

    1. lynnem says:

      Citizens is the state-run insurer, and because it is prohibited from charging enough money to cover the cost of claims, all Floridians with a property insurance policy or auto policy make up the difference. In fact, assessments at the current level will continue through 2016 because claims payouts from the 2005 hurricanes were far greater than the money Citizens had available.

  2. John says:

    The only people who can awnesr your question on the insurance premium is an insurance company.The car can be in your parents name but If you will be the principal driver, then you will have to tell them that. Be careful. You are flirting with insurance fraud.